About Our Offices

Lexington Endodontics maintains two state-of-the art endodontic offices offering the latest in treatment techniques and technology. This allows us to treat more difficult teeth in shorter appointment times in a more comfortable, efficient manner.

3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)- We utilize the Kavo OP3D CBCT technology, which allows us to diagnose and treat endodontic disease three dimensionally, rather than the customary two dimensional dental x-rays. We use these images to find anatomical variations which may be invisible on conventional x-rays that may affect the success of your treatment.

Digital Radiography (X-rays)– We also utilize the Kodak Digital Radiography system which allows us to take x-rays with 80% less exposure to radiation, and to obtain larger, instant images on the computer screen. 

Surgical Microscopes- We also utilize Global Surgical Microscopes which allows us to microsurgically treat your root canal. This means that we can find more, remove less tooth structure, and complete treatments in a shorter amount of time. 

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)- We offer nitrous oxide at an additional charge for those who would like a little something to help them relax during treatment. You do not need an escort to drive you if you choose to have nitrous oxide. Please notify us before your appointment if think you may need nitrous oxide, so that we can have it reserved for you.

Oral Sedation- We also offer oral sedation at an additional charge for those who have a higher level of anxiety. Oral sedation requires an evaluation prior to your treatment appointment, so please call us if you require oral sedation, so that we can make the necessary arrangements.